by Leslie | Aug 29, 2022 | BlogNews

Actus Digital Takes Compliance Recording to New Levels With New OTT Monitoring, AI, and Content Clipping Enhancements at IBC2022

At IBC2022, Actus Digital will showcase its latest innovations in compliance logging, quality monitoring and alerting, advanced editing and content repurposing, and AI-based workflow solutions. With Actus Digital’s intelligent monitoring platform, broadcasters, content providers, TV networks, and media companies can expand their workflows, supporting a diverse range of use cases from OTT monitoring and clipping to automatic VOD creation.

“We’re excited to highlight a growing number of use cases for our Actus 8.5 intelligent monitoring platform at IBC2022,” said Sima Levy, CEO at Actus Digital. “Media companies today need a monitoring solution that can do more than just compliance recording. Our customers are amazed at how much more value the Actus platform provides. By supporting competitive analysis, editing, clipping to new media platforms, and AI-based audio and video analysis, the Actus platform fuels increased efficiency and cost savings for media companies.”

New enhancements on the Actus 8.5 intelligent monitoring platform will be shown at IBC2022, including:

• Ongoing Compliance and Technical Monitoring Improvements: At IBC2022, Actus Digital will showcase its cutting-edge, browser-based multiviewer and integrated alerts, new tagging and metadata options, and automated clips capabilities based on different types of metadata, rules, and scheduling.

• Expanded OTT Monitoring: While logging and compliance is mandatory, the challenges for OTT are different than traditional linear broadcasting. The OTT distribution chain is complex, involving multiple video bit rates. At IBC2022, Actus Digital will demonstrate new enhancements for OTT monitoring on the Actus 8.5 intelligent monitoring platform, ensuring that viewers get the best quality of experience while also enabling media companies to comply with key regulations.

• Powerful New AI Capabilities: At IBC2022, Actus Digital will show new AI options on its intelligent monitoring platform. Through AI, media companies can automatically generate metadata and create a metadata-rich asset library from scratch and/or integrate with existing asset management systems. This feature is particularly beneficial for news departments and content monitoring teams, enabling them to search for specific keywords in the library and perform quick and accurate audio and video analysis. Another AI option that will be shown is automatic content detection, which generates reports and competitive analysis and verification, such as for ads detection and competitive analysis reports.

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