We’re excited to share that we’ll be making our highly anticipated return to NAB Show 2023, the broadcasting industry’s premier event of the year! Our cutting-edge broadcast solutions are set to make a splash at the show and we can’t wait to demonstrate them to you!At the show, we will officially unveil three new products, specifically designed to enhance live content capture for sports and studio productions. These innovations include the LLS-1 Light Lift System, which enables smooth and precise vertical camera movements on-air. The AJS-2 Advanced Jib System, which can capture consistently repeatable shots where other JIBs fall short. Lastly, Polymotion Relay is an advanced sports circuit-based tracking solution that streamlines multi-camera production and control.For the first time at NAB Show, we will also be displaying our Slidekamera by MRMC range! This new addition will be presented alongside our range of robotic heads, which includes the PTA-1, PTA2, ARC 360 PTZ, Pan Bars, and Robotic PODs, each equipped with a high-quality Nikon Z-9 camera.If you can’t wait to see our exciting new products and innovations, be sure to check out our blog below. We look forward to seeing you at the show! NAB Show: Experience the Future of Broadcasting


A New Era For Broadcast Solutions

Our team has been tirelessly working on engineering innovative solutions that make capturing high-quality, smooth, and dynamic footage effortless for content producers. Our new product range represents a significant step forward in broadcast technology, providing broadcasters with cutting-edge tools to take their productions to the next level like never before.In the sections that follow, we will be showcasing the latest additions to our Broadcast solutions range. These new solutions are designed to streamline your production workflows and unlock new creative possibilities for your live broadcasts. We’re excited to give you a glimpse of how our latest technology can transform your content creation process.

Polymotion Relay

An AI-driven, cost-effective, and camera-agnostic system for multi-camera control in circuit-based sports. A single operator can manage all camera angles with adjustments being made using the touchscreen interface. Polymotion Relay eliminates the need for third-party tracking data, reduces the carbon footprint, and seamlessly integrates with MRMC’s robotic heads and PTZs. Learn More

polymo relay

Polymotion Player +

Polymotion Player transforms sports broadcasting by providing real-time player tracking data during live events. This adaptive robotic camera solution can be tailored to capture multiple camera angles and social/OTT content, all with just one operator.Polymotion Player+ is the ultimate upgrade, integrating with third-party tracking systems for automated player tracking. With dynamic framing adjustments, operators can create perfect shots while keeping subjects in the frame. The real-time player tracking data enables precise following of team or individual players, ensuring viewers never miss any action. Learn More

polymo player 1

LLS-1 — Light Lift System

Step into the future of PTZ enablement with the LLS-1 Light Lift System —  a powerful and versatile robotic solution that can handle an impressive 10kg/22lb payload capacity and lift up to 655mm/26in. It’s easy to install on floors, walls, or ceilings, providing maximum flexibility. With seamless capturing of sitting and standing shots, the LLS-1 helps productions become smooth and hassle-free everytime. The system offers on-air quality motion for PTZs with a speed range of 0.5-60mm/s, ensuring consistently professional and fluid footage. It integrates seamlessly with our QRS-1 rail, offering additional flexibility with horizontal rail motion. Learn More

polymo light lift

AJS-2 Advanced Jib System

Introducing the AJS-2 Advanced Jib System, an innovative solution for enhancing your PTZ production. With the combination of Slidekamera’s BOLD JIB’s modular design and MRMC’s automation expertise, the AJS-2 delivers high-quality broadcast moves with consistent repeatability. The AJS-2 boasts remarkable features such as pre-sets for recalling moves, integration with Polymotion Chat for automated subject tracking, and unlike other leading Jibs on the market, 100% repeatable movement. The AJS-2 operates quietly, making it ideal for live production, studio, and house of worship environments. Its precision and flexibility enable you to produce content in tight spaces and capture images from above the crowd. Create an array of stunning shots with the AJS-2 to elevate your PTZ Productions! Learn More

jib system

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