The new XR features included in the latest InfinitySet version take virtual production to an even higher level

CABSAT 2023, booth PD05. Brainstorm, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, alongside it’s regional reseller, Korek Production, will showcase at CABSAT (booth PD05) the latest version of its renowned InfinitySet, the company’s most advanced virtual set and XR/AR solution. With Version 5.2, InfinitySet gains a number of advanced features designed to enhance virtual production (VP) and XR workflows, streamlining users’ ability to boost their content creation, whether they are using LED video walls or chroma sets to produce virtual content.

Fully compatible with Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) Vanilla, InfinitySet now includes full integration of objects created in InfinitySet or Aston within the UE environment and vice versa, including shadows, reflections and AR with Unreal Engine, providing unmatched flexibility for content creation. Not only can InfinitySet seamlessly control UE5 from its own interface, vastly improving the user’s ability to manage, edit and control UE blueprints, objects and properties, but it also makes the combination of the Unreal Engine render with Brainstorm’s own eStudio render engine fully transparent. This allows users to decide which objects or parts of the scene should be rendered in which engine, maximising the possibilities of the software.

Once again, Brainstorm proves its commitment with high-quality content creation by providing must-have technologies and features designed to ensure content creators can cope with any virtual production requirement,” says David Moldes, Brainstorms Product Manager.

The main demo in Brainstorm’s mini Virtual Production Studio at CABSAT will demonstrate the advanced possibilities of deploying InfinitySet equipped with the latest RedSpy 3.0 tracking system from Stype and a 3 x 3 meter flat LED video wall to display the live rendered backgrounds for virtual production. The demo features real-time, seamless extra-render and set extension with colour-matching 3D LUTs, in-context AR motion graphics and much more, using just one workstation.

infinity set 1

Motion graphics are essential in any broadcast workflow, and Brainstorm will also show how Aston can provide designers with the most advanced tools for data-driven, in-context, AR graphics, which can be displayed in immersive virtual environments, including UE scenes, and seamlessly interact with the scene and the talents. Aston will also show how multi-channel graphics can easily and transparently be part of any show, enhancing the information and making it more attractive for the audience.

And for smaller broadcasters, corporations, education institutions and content creators of any kind, Brainstorm will show Edison, a complete, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that transforms any live or online presentation into an immersive experience by using AR and virtual environments. Any user can take advantage of Edison PROs powerful tools, which help enhance storytelling with easily created real-time 3D graphics and other visual aids, while presenters are immersed in a virtual, photorealistic environment, running the presentation with clickers or other remote devices.

We are delighted to meet our clients and users once again at CABSAT, which is such an essential venue for the Middle East broadcast and audio-visual markets” says David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director. “Brainstorm is celebrating 30 years in business and we are looking forward to performing live demonstrations that show the latest innovations of what our solutions can offer to enhance all types of virtual productions and workflows.”