E25, Media Production & Technology Show (MPTS), London, 15-16 May 2024: Dot Group, a leader in cutting-edge data management solutions and the premier European reseller of critical Broadcast supporting IBM technologies, will demonstrate its expertise in accelerated file transfer, sustainability, DNS & traffic steering, and advanced storage options at this year’s Media Production & Technology Show (MPTS) on stand E25.

Dot Group will present new competitive pricing strategies for accelerated file transfer using IBM Aspera, enabling rapid and secure movement of large datasets across vast distances. IBM Envizi will be featured, simplifying the collection and analysis of ESG data to help organisations understand and reduce their carbon footprint. The newly added IBM NS1 Connect enhances application performance and network resilience through premium DNS services and advanced traffic steering capabilities. In storage solutions, Dot Group will highlight robust, cost-effective on-prem S3 storage options.

Simon Parkinson, Managing Director of Dot Group, emphasised the unique value they bring to their clients: “At Dot Group, we are more than just a provider of technology. We craft personalised data roadmaps that propel businesses forward, leveraging our profound IBM expertise. Our team’s years of experience allow us to build trusted relationships through our professional services, tailoring solutions to meet the individual needs of each client. This approach not only enhances operational efficiencies but also drives substantial business growth.”


About Dot Group 

Dot Group specialises in data engineering and transport, providing consultancy services and specialist products from its base in the UK. Established in 1998, its customers include Compass Group, Sysco/Brake Brothers, Abcam, Greencore, Ocado Retail and Electrolux. In the media industry they include Molinare, Viasat, Boom, Compuhire and Foo Engine. The company is a European integration partner for IBM , and its DataSprint transport platform is powered by IBM Aspera. For further information, please visit www.dotgroup.ai.