The DDPSAN  DDP10EF a Leap into the Future of Hybrid Storage Solutions at IBC 2023

Ardis Technologies – DDPSAN DDP10EF Find them at Stand 7B07

This September at IBC 2023, Ardis Technologies plans to usher in a new era of storage technology with the debut of the DDP10EF. This groundbreaking 1U model is a paradigm shift in storage solutions, boasting up to 6 x 100GbE ports, a commanding total bandwidth of 40GB/s, and a capacious raid 5 protected NVME SSD capacity that goes up to 275TB.

Tailored with built-in dual 100GbE/QSFP28 ports, the DDP10EF accommodates two extra cards and offers room for up to 10 NVME SSDs. It provides the flexibility for customers to add on NVME SSD4 and 6 packs or other cards separately.

A standout feature of the DDP10EF is its broad protocol support across both Linux and Windows platforms, including NVME-oF/RDMA, iSCSI, and SMB. Mac users aren’t left out, with support for iSCSI and SMB. The device facilitates operators to share folders through these compatible protocols. The exceptional 8GB/s performance, courtesy of NVME-oF/RDMA, facilitates a direct connection between the DDP10EF’s memory and the computer, bypassing CPU hindrances.

A Leap into the Future of Hybrid Storage Solutions

Signifying a leap into the future, the DDP10EF displays prowess in hybrid solutions, seamlessly managing SSDs and spindle drives. Acting as an automatic cache, it regulates data movements between the SSDs and spindles, boasting cache capacities ranging from 4 to 300 TB and a formidable spindle capacity reaching up to 5 PB. This intricate interplay between high performance, cost-efficiency, and peace of mind is what sets the DDP10EF apart.

Connection to spindle arrays like the DDP24EXR and DDP78EXR is made possible via an EX card installed in the DDP10EF. The unit supports clustering to further boost bandwidth capabilities.

Ardis Technologies stands behind the DDP10EF with a comprehensive two-year warranty covering both hardware and software. For those seeking extended assurance, an additional five-year support package can be negotiated.

About Ardis Technologies

Ardis Technologies is a leading tech firm known for its cutting-edge innovations in storage solutions and network management. Their core product line revolves around the Dynamic Drive Pool (DDP) Series, a range of advanced shared storage systems designed to optimize efficiency in various operational settings, including broadcasting, post-production, education, and corporate environments.

The company distinguishes itself by incorporating high-performance NVME SSD and hard disk technology into their products, enabling their users to leverage unprecedented data transfer speeds and massive storage capacities. The versatility of their systems extends to wide protocol support, with compatibility across Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms.

Their latest stand-out offering, the DDP10EF, embodies the company’s commitment to innovative, hybrid storage solutions. It allows seamless management of SSDs and spindle drives, features broad protocol support, and delivers remarkable performance.

Ardis Technologies also places significant emphasis on customer support, offering comprehensive warranty periods and extended support packages to ensure their clients get the most out of their products.

Based in the Netherlands, Ardis Technologies continues to push boundaries in the tech industry with their forward-thinking approach, consistently proving themselves as pioneers in their field.

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