Pixellot, the leading provider of live sports content, proudly declares its new status as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner on the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Path, following the successful completion of the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR).


As a key industry partner, Pixellot gains access to a wide array of AWS resources, receiving prescriptive guidance on building, marketing, and selling solutions with AWS. This collaboration will enable Pixellot to leverage the power of AWS’s cloud ecosystem to enhance its services and ensure the best possible customer experience. Using AWS’s industry-leading services, Pixellot will further scale its operations and services, using localized cloud services across the AWS global network, providing low-latency and a higher level of service.


The AWS ISV Partner Path is designed to align with customer needs, helping them identify solutions that have been thoroughly reviewed by AWS. This new and simplified partner experience fosters accelerated engagement with AWS through curated programs, funding benefits, and co-selling support.


“We are excited to become an AWS Technology Partner,” says Pixellot CTO and Co-Founder Gal Oz. “In a world where consumer preferences are shifting constantly, the significance of working with a scalable and flexible global cloud network allows Pixellot to offer its customers advanced video technology and data solutions.  Using AWS’s powerful infrastructure, we can now offer content creators more cost-effective, high-quality video services than ever before. We are honored to join the other sports tech leaders spearheading the transformation powered by AWS Sports.”


Pixellot works with federations, leagues, governing bodies, and media companies, offering an end-to-end solution for streaming, analyzing, and monetizing sports events globally. This AI-Automated sports production and streaming solution enables live and on-demand broadcasting without requiring a camera operator or producer on site, providing an affordable and unique TV-like experience for all athletes. The partnership with AWS will further enhance Pixellot’s ability to deliver dynamic video content in engaging, cost-efficient, and user-friendly formats.


The cornerstone of Pixellot’s engagement with AWS begins with the AWS FTR, which unlocks access to solution-level badging. The FTR process allows AWS Partners like Pixellot to identify and address potential risks in their products or solutions, ensuring they adhere to AWS best practices related to security, reliability, and operational excellence. This process is led by an AWS Partner Solutions Architect (SA) in a one-on-one engagement, ensuring the highest level of quality and compliance.


Pixellot’s collaboration with AWS as an ISV Partner signifies its dedication to innovation and providing top-notch video services to customers. This partnership will undoubtedly propel Pixellot to even greater heights in the video tech industry, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the field.



About Pixellot

Founded in 2013, Pixellot is the world’s largest producer of live sports content. Pixellot pioneered the concept of automated sports production solutions as an affordable alternative to traditional video capture, production, and distribution systems for professional and semi-professional sports events. In 2019 Pixellot acquired VidSwap, a leading sports analytics platform serving thousands of teams. Today Pixellot’s AI-Automated technology solutions streamline production workflow by fully automating live sports capture, distribution, analysis, and monetization of over 150,000 games per month from over 70 countries. To date, Pixellot technology has powered some 3 million live games from over 30,000 fields and courts around the world!


For more information, visit www.pixellot.tv