August 30, 2023

AMSTERDAM – Empowerment and innovation are the buzzwords at gjirafatech, a role model in technology and building a genuinely inclusive workspace. The company proudly highlights its substantial gender diversity as it debuts its flagship product, VP, at IBC 2023.

Amid the growing call for diversity in the tech industry, gjirafatech is setting benchmarks with a notable 43.2% female workforce ratio. However, the company insists that these numbers aren’t merely for show; the rise of women in the organization has happened organically, mirroring the company’s dedication to creating an environment where talent thrives regardless of gender.

Diversity does not stop at the company’s recruitment strategy but expands into diverse thinking and innovation. Gjirafatech’s VP is a complete end-to-end OTT and Video platform designed meticulously for publishing, broadcasting, sports and esports organizations. A culmination of advanced tools and streamlined solutions, VP will transform how audiences are engaged,
grown, and monetized.

VP empowers the rapid launch of any OTT platform with key features to enable subscriber and viewer engagement and retention. VP’s robust toolkit includes capabilities for AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and even hybrid monetization methods, ensuring that every content provider can find the right solution for their audience. From subscription management to granular advertising controls, it’s all bundled neatly in VP, streamlining operations and minimizing costs.

VP includes advanced AI-based recommendations that enable content discovery to improve engagement, retention and monetization. Additional features include OTT Apps, Video Player, Audio Player, Live-Streaming, Subscription and Identity Management. Existing clients express excitement about the highly adaptable solution that fits their unique needs:

“VP Player has been our top choice as it has consistently delivered exceptional performance, allowing us to provide our users with a great esports spectating and betting experience.” -Mr. Venclik, CEO at

For those who demand even more from their platforms, VP comes pre-integrated with solutions from gjirafatech’s ecosystem designed for publishers, broadcasters, entertainment and media houses. This includes Bisko, the cutting-edge Data Management Platform that enables advanced audience segmentation for targeting.

It’s worth noting that behind VP’s state-of-the-art features and sophisticated tech is a team that mirrors gjirafatech’s core values of diversity, innovation and customer obsession. Their unique perspectives and experiences have undeniably influenced the product’s development, ensuring that it’s not just advanced but also inclusive and attuned to a diverse range of needs.

Spreading its tech influence globally with locations in the Czech Republic, Kosovo, North America, United Kingdom, France, and Albania, gjirafatech is synonymous with innovation and inclusivity.

The VP team cordially invites all interested publishers, broadcasters, and media houses to experience the magic of VP firsthand. Meet the VP Team at IBC 2023 in Hall 5 – G13.