Luxembourg, London; September 12th, 2023 – Sport Buff, a leading provider of real-time fan engagement and gamification solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with BCE, a renowned leader in the media sector. This collaboration aims to enhance BCE’s Media-as-a-Service platform by integrating Sport Buff’s state-of-the-art fan engagement module.

The new module seamlessly integrates within the BCE Holovox remote voice-over platform, providing users with a unique and entertaining fan experience. Through this integration, sportscasters can trigger interactive games within live events, allowing fans to compete with friends, participate in challenges, and win prizes. The platform also facilitates monetization through transactions and sponsorship opportunities, generating innovative ad inventory.

Benn Achilleas, CEO and Founder of Sport Buff, highlighted the importance of fan engagement and gamification in today’s dynamic media landscape. He expressed excitement about partnering with BCE, a company that shares Sport Buff’s passion for innovation and development. Achilleas underscored that this collaboration will address the growing demand for enhanced fan experiences and further BCE’s evolution in the industry.

BCE’s Media-as-a-Service offering is a groundbreaking approach that empowers customers to adapt their workflows and build tailored sets of solutions. Through a centralized platform, customers gain easy access to BCE’s comprehensive range of media solutions, products, and services. This approach allows customers to customize and select specific solutions that align perfectly with their unique project requirements.

Frédéric Fievez, CSO of BCE, emphasized the monetization and business development opportunities that the integration of gamification within the live streaming feed brings. By creating viewer engagement and leveraging “smart” advertising, BCE aims to open up new avenues for revenue generation.

By joining forces, Sport Buff and BCE aspire to revolutionize audience participation and significantly elevate the level of fan engagement in the media industry. The Sport Buff and BCE partnership will be showcased at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) from September 15th to 18th. Attendees can visit the BCE booth (Hall 8, Stand 8B.57) to experience live demos of the integrated solution. Demos will be held at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m., and 5 p.m.


About BCE

BCE supports its customers’ success with intelligent systems and services. BCE empowers businesses in the areas of Media, Sports, Fashion and Business, delivering innovative solutions, seamless services integration, and best-in-class digital expertise to more than 400 customers all over the world. Together with its teams, customers and partners, BCE focuses on creating market leading solutions for a sustainable and secure technology world.

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About Sport Buff

Sport Buff is a leading provider of real-time fan engagement and gamification solutions. The platform allows sportscasters to trigger interactive games within live events, providing fans with a unique and entertaining experience. Sport Buff surpasses language, platform, and region, ensuring widespread audience targeting and prolonged viewer engagement.

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