BOSTON, MA — February 2024 — Actus Digital, a global leader in the intelligent monitoring platform sector, is prepared to make a substantial impact at METexpo 2024, the premier broadcast and media exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. Actus will showcase its advanced intelligent monitoring platform, which sets a new standard in the industry with its suite of six versatile products designed to meet the diverse needs of broadcasters, playout centers, media and satellite providers, regulatory bodies, OTT providers, government organizations, and news agencies.

The company’s comprehensive suite, adaptable for on-premises, cloud, virtual machine, or hybrid configurations, offers unparalleled flexibility. Each product can function independently or in combination, providing customized solutions for every need. Our compliance logging and technical QA monitoring solutions offer robust 24/7 recording and monitoring with aircheck capabilities, accommodating a wide array of inputs including SDI, Transport Stream/IP, 2110, ATSC, ATSC 3.0, SRT, ZIXI, HLS, MPEG-DASH, and more. This ensures the highest standards of compliance and quality for both linear OTA and OTT broadcasts, with instant notifications of any discrepancies in audio or video quality.

In addition to these capabilities, our platform offers advanced engineering features like SCTE 35/104, loudness, TS analysis, and discrepancy reporting between schedules and as-run logs, complete with a comprehensive array of QoE/QoS alerts.

OTT StreamWatch enhances OTT monitoring, ensuring exceptional quality assurance while integrating compliance logging, in-depth OTT stream monitoring, and aircheck recording capabilities for HLS and other OTT ABR streams.

The Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) solution enables MVPDs to address audio and video issues promptly, ensure precise regional ad insertions, and access extensive channels across various locations.

Moreover, Actus’ browser-based multiviewer introduces advanced monitoring features, such as the enhanced penalty box and monitoring-by-exception capabilities, among so many other dynamic features.

These offerings are complemented with advanced clip editing tools, allowing exports directly to social media, OTT, VOD, and Catch-Up TV platforms, including automatic workflows.

Elevating the product suite further, Actus introduces AI-based workflows that employ artificial intelligence for meticulous audio and video analysis. This includes automatic ad detection, transcription, translation, summarization, face recognition, and more, automating, and refining media monitoring and content management.

Sima Levy, CEO of Actus Digital, expresses enthusiasm about participating in this significant event alongside Magna, Actus Digital’s long-term partner. “It’s a privilege that underscores our dedication to the region and our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions,” she stated. “Our strong regional presence enables us to support a wide array of departments and markets, offering tailored solutions for every client.”

To experience our innovative solutions firsthand, visit Actus Digital at METexpo 2024 in stand 46-49 in the Kensington Room, or schedule an online demonstration through our website ( For more detailed information about our products and services, please visit our website:


About Actus Digital (

Actus Digital is the world’s leading supplier of intelligent monitoring platform for compliance logging, intelligent QA and OTT monitoring, multiviewers as well as for advanced clipping workflow or advanced AI-based workflows. Since 2005, over 700 customers have deployed the Actus solution to help them affordably improve quality, comply with regulations, and automate the analysis and repurposing of content.

The Actus Digital on-prem/VM/Cloud-based platform allows its users to address needs for both traditional linear broadcast television and OTT/FAST/IPTV channels as it reliably records content 24×7 from any combination of a variety of inputs, including baseband (SDI, HDMI, etc.), transport stream (ATSC-1 and ATSC-3 via antenna, IP, ASI, and QAM), IP (including 2110), and streaming (HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP/RTSP, etc.).

Actus Digital headquarters are in the US with superior 24×7 support provided from four Actus and support offices, including in the US, Europe, UAE, and Asia.