Motion Spell (, the innovators behind the GPAC ultramedia open source infrastructure for video streaming, next-generation multimedia transcoding, packaging and delivery, will attend NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, from Sunday, 14 April through Wednesday, 17 April.

At the show, Motion Spell will be addressing the insights from its newly published guide, ​The Professional’s Guide to GPAC Video Packaging Tools: Why GPAC is a Better Open Source Choice than Bento4 and Shaka Packager. This guide not only serves as an essential resource but also sets the stage for what we will be discussing in-depth at NAB.​

The guide also introduces the new GPAC Web Assembly (WASM) Platform — an innovative experimental interface that demonstrates GPAC’s capabilities in pushing multimedia boundaries.

At NAB, GPAC will be present on the FFmpeg stand in the West Hall, W4232 for the duration of NAB.


About GPAC & Motion Spell

GPAC is an open source project, established in 2003, that is celebrated for empowering developers and creators to craft engaging ultramedia experiences. GPAC is recognized as critical infrastructure and adopted by industry giants like Netflix.

Motion Spell leads in providing advanced solutions for video packaging, streaming, and playback, along with customization, consultancy, and ongoing support for the GPAC project.

At the 2024 NAB Show, stop by to discuss:

  • Insights from our latest guide and GPAC’s distinct advantages
  • The future of video streaming technology and the significance of open-source software
  • How GPAC drives innovative ultramedia experiences

Motion Spell’s Professional Services Include:

  • Custom development tailored to your streaming requirements
  • Expert consulting on video packaging strategies
  • Developer training and support for using GPAC