Bringing the Future of Football stars to every screen: Pixellot’s AI-automated Solutions will power the IFA U19 and U16 Leagues with Comprehensive Video Streaming, analytics and an OTT platform. 


Pixellot, the global leader in AI-automated sports video and analytics solutions, proudly announces an innovative collaboration with the Israeli Football Association (IFA) that is set to reshape the landscape of youth football in Israel. The IFA will leverage Pixellot’s cutting-edge technology to capture, produce, and distribute an extensive array of football matches from the U19 2nd division league, along with the U16 elite league.


The collaboration will see Pixellot’s state-of-the-art AI-automated sports video solutions integrated across 32 stadiums. The end-to-end solution will encompass live streaming, in-depth analysis, and an over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform. The initiative is set to benefit all league levels, providing unparalleled insights into gameplay, statistics, scouting, and talent development.


As part of the strategic innovation plan championed by the IFA, this groundbreaking partnership builds on the recent successes of the national youth teams, including the exceptional performances in the U20 World Cup and the U21 European Championship this summer. The IFA’s commitment to technological advancement and player development aligns with Pixellot’s mission to enhance live sports coverage and youth development through cutting-edge solutions.


“Delighted by the partnership with Pixellot, we are set to usher our first two youth football leagues into the AI era. This collaboration will not only transform the way we stream and analyze matches but also elevate the coaching and development of our athletes. With Pixellot’s technology, we are well-equipped to maintain our momentum in youth football and continue to nurture talent on a national scale,” remarked Niv Goldstein, CEO of the Israel Football Association.


The integrated OTT platform, and the newly launched IFA mobile application, will provide an immersive viewing experience, while offering sponsors and advertisers a new avenue for brand exposure. This strategic aspect of the partnership not only enhances fan engagement but also opens new doors for the IFA to recruit league sponsors. 


“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with the Israeli Football Association. Our AI-automated solutions are designed to bring out the best in athletes, teams, and leagues and creating this revolution on our home turf is an invaluable benefit for our team. The Israel Football Association’s forward-thinking approach aligns perfectly with our mission, and we’re excited to empower them with our technology,” stated Alon Werber, CEO of Pixellot.


This collaboration places the IFA in esteemed company, with other football federations around the world including the Argentinian, German, Portuguese, Chilean and Irish to name a few. In Israel, Pixellot works with the basketball association and the handball association streaming +1,500 games every season.