Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in broadcast distribution and trusted partner in media solutions, has delivered a new FM radio transmitter to Grupo Massa in São Paulo, Brazil. The transmitter is part of a major upgrade plan of Massa FM.

Following investigations of other major manufacturers, Grupo Massa selected a 40 kW THR9 FM transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz. This design provides unrivalled energy efficiency and high-power density, providing a complete system in a single rack. It fits seamlessly into the Massa FM infrastructure, accepting the station’s MPX over AES input, and is readily upgradable in future, including the addition of HD Radio when required.

Adding to the sustainability credentials of the transmitter, the THR9 has a 100% liquid-cooled amplifier. This moves heat away to the outside, eliminating excessive heat generation in the transmitter room and therefore the need for powerful air conditioning. The design philosophy of the THR9 transmitter line is to achieve the most efficient use of energy end-to-end, thereby significantly reducing the carbon impact of the broadcaster as well as controlling power costs.

“Sustainability and efficiency were very important considerations for us in choosing the new transmitter, alongside reliability and resilience,” said Jose Eduardo Voichcoski, CTO of Grupo Massa. “We were impressed with the inherent redundancy and reliability of the Rohde & Schwarz design which matched our technical requirements, and we very much appreciate the liquid-cooled architecture which means we are not forced to run high cost, high carbon air conditioning. The THR9 is the ideal solution for us.”

Eduardo Distler, Sales manager at Rohde & Schwarz added “Our long experience in the transmitter market means we understand the key concerns of users, like saving space and energy, simplicity in integration and operation, and minimized lifetime costs. We are pleased that Grupo Massa recognized these ideals and selected the THR9 transmitter for its Massa FM upgrade programme.”

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