Premium Technology on a Proven Cloud Infrastructure to Elevate User Engagement and Safeguard Against Churn

iWedia S.A, a world-class provider of software solutions for connected TV devices, and OBLO, provider of top-tier, secure, and scalable end-to-end IoT solutions, today announced availability of a curated offering crafted to empower operators in enhancing user engagement and refining their monetization strategies. This comprehensive offering, bolstered by iWedia technology, encompasses a Diagnostics System, WatchParty, Gamification, and User Engagement Monitoring, all seamlessly integrated with the forefront IoT platform, OBLO. Live demonstrations of this technology will be showcased at IBC 2023.


The OBLO Cloud is a mature and scalable cloud implementation, offering unparalleled extensibility and flexibility for diverse IoT solutions of varying topologies with proven scalability for 1M+ devices. The solution is flexible and scalable through WISE SDK which enables easy extension of the parameter set. Harnessing Kafka/Spark as a big data system empowers handling of substantial volumes of concurrent devices while upholding real-time performance integrity. Additionally, this framework opens avenues for supporting scenarios for the control of STBs, seamlessly integrated with data visualization tools like Grafana and Prometheus.


The Diagnostics System is a smart, end-to-end, near real-time, scalable, and extendable solution tool for development and exploitation of a product. The system elevates the R&D’s capability to detect, investigate and resolve issues during development, trials and commercial exploitation of a STB or TV device. The extensibility facilitated by the WISE SDK allows for the seamless incorporation of new functions and parameters, thereby providing the necessary dynamics in the process.


The WatchParty feature stands as a robust operator tool, fostering loyalty to the platform by enabling shared viewing experiences of live broadcasts or operator content. With full content control in the hands of the UX, it leverages popular messengers like Telegram, Line, or Discord for chat and emoji functions. Communication channels are natively integrated, utilizing their cloud services to connect the WatchParty app through public APIs.


Gamification empowers operators to collect comprehensive statistics of users’ viewing habits and interests, forming a foundation for precise targeted advertising and personalized content. The result is a dynamic and personalized alternative to conventional UI paradigms. The use cases incorporating levels and badges within the TV app, for example, integrate game mechanics as both a motivational and practical tool. This approach not only provides users with a rewarding experience but also bolsters their loyalty to the platform.


User Engagement Monitoring provides precise insights into the audience and their engagement with the content (Live, on-demand and ads) in a reliable, secure, GDPR compliant and safe way utilizing camera as an input device.


“With the abundance of offerings and content, operators must maintain a proactive edge during the development and exploitation of DTV products. Amidst this journey, it becomes pivotal to attentively listen to customers, introduce fresh experiences, and enhance the positive sentiment associated with TV viewing. This involves implementing a comprehensive system focused on user attention and loyalty. Yet, the time to grasp this opportunity is immediate, favoring market-proven solutions such as our OBLO Cloud technology,” said Hans-Jürgen Desor, CEO, iWedia.

“iWedia technology resembles abundance of experience from over a decade of Android TV expertise and millions of deployed STB and TV devices for the most complete, out of the box offering of tools and solutions for the development and exploitation of the product. Seamless integration with the OBLO Cloud is equally important; this market proven technology is currently boasting more than 1million devices. This combination stands as a testament to our commitment to operator’s smart TTM strategies and elevated marketing resilience,”
said Nikola Teslic, CEO, OBLO.


For live demonstration of the technology, visit us at IBC 2023, Booth 5.F80.